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    UWS issue 211


    We’ve just sent all 44 pages of issue 211 of United We Stand to the printers. It goes on sale v Benfica.

    Here’s most of the play list:

    An extract from Jimmy The Weed, the new book on Manchester’s gangland. Jimmy talks about clubland, from Malcolm Allison acting up to Jimmy Swords, to Matt Busby’s close friend Paddy McGrath.

    Andersred gets himself a brew, then sits down to pour over United’s accounts and deciphers them for your benefit.

    James Scowcroft on what it’s like as a professional footballer when you hit 30.

    Mike Duff visits the Jewish cemetery in Blackley.

    Stephen Armstrong writes about going to Bucharest to see United – and the characters he came across.

    The Daily Mail’s Ian Ladyman on being a football journalist.

    The away fan interview is with Michael Martin, editor of the Newcastle fanzine True Faith.

    An Ins and Outs list. Without the Ins.

    The Telegraph’s Jim White on SAF and meeting Frank O’Farrell.

    Joe Ganley on being Massimo Taibi’s paperboy and getting into an argument about Christmas tips.

    Ian Bland on the Stone Roses reforming.

    Guttersnipe dips into those dark corners. Which United star bought two dogs from the same breed – and not realised they were different sex until eight puppies popped out? He’s now trying to get rid.

    Fraudulent looks back at the treble winning season. It wasn’t bad, was it?

    Meatbag being Meatbag.

    ESPN’s Andrew Hush on United’s defence.

    John from Rusholme is in They Bleed. Except he now lives in Bahrain and flies about for matches.

    The angry, the comic and the insane. You’ll find them all in three pages of letters.

    We had writers at every United game home and away, plus every youth and reserve match. They tell you what’s what.

    And then we’ve got all the regulars like Getting Away With It, Ask the Anorak and Ian Hough.

    It’s all your for £2 outside the ground from Benfica onwards or £2.50 in shops from next Friday. The subscription copies will be posted next Tuesday.

    To subscribe for ten issues, click here:
    United We Stand is a Manchester United fanzine. Influential, incisive, irreverent and proudly independent, UWS tells it like it is. You might not always agree with the opinions within, but you’ll take note.