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    UWS summer special

    UWS 218, a 56 page summer special costing £3, is now out and on sale until mid August in the usual newsagents.

    Because of the administration involved, we don’t usually accept orders for single issues. We are going to make an exception for this summer issue. We’ll accept orders via Paypal (you can use any major credit card). You need to send £4 (if you live in the UK), £5 (ROI & Europe) and £6 (Rest of the World) with your address to [email protected]
    We’ll then post you the issue. This price includes the increased mail charges imposed on us.

    We'll do a mail out once a week.

    Or you can subscribe for the next ten issues (almost a year) and start your sub with the summer issue. Click here and put a note saying 'summer issue' on the paypal form. you'll get the first of your ten mags asap.

    Here’s the running order of the mag.

    Four pages of colour pictures from United’s summer games in Belfast, Barbados and the Bernabeu.

    Editorial – On Kagawa. What’s he really like? We speak to Miyamoto, the recently retired captain of Japan among others.

    ManUvia. You’re not going to believe the tattoo one Red had after city won the league.

    How was it for you looks at the month just gone.

    Mad Cyril isn’t pleased.

    ‘Outs’ column includes Keep Calm and Carry on posters and tools on Twitter.

    Full Quota has some gems from Ferguson, Kidd and Owen.

    Board Stupid on a hoax about Malcolm Glazer dying and journalists not checking their sources.

    The Guttersnipe. Who which player is having botox? Which red is considering a three year contract by an Italian club? Loads more including Jim Ryan retiring and Valencia’s dire English.

    Two pages of letters. Contain lots of dark humour.

    They Bleed Red, White and Black. Introducing diehard red Daniel Burdett.

    Jim White on United’s straightened financial circumstances and summer signings.

    Joe Ganley goes all high brow as he talks about how United will be right back.

    Ian Bland on the Stone Roses reforming and missing out on Warrington.

    Technique – our six page end of season report on each player by Meatbag Manifesto. Here’s the entry for Antonio Valencia. "As dislikeable and infuriating as Ashley Young and Nani appear to be as human beings, Antonio Valencia redresses the balance amongst United’s wing wizards. No, you haven’t picked up Shoot! By mistake – ‘wing wizards’ is a technical football term. Andy Roxburgh regularly says it when he gives presentations to the UEFA technical committee in Berne. Valencia doesn’t have the magic of Nani or Young. In essence, he is very much a one-trick pony and it somewhat surprises me that he is so effective. Surely somebody else has worked out that he is never, ever going to use his left peg and to just show him inside all the time? Not to worry, like, as it’s clearly benefitting us. Once again, ‘Tony V’ as you have to call him (and then feel like you’re the epitome of terrace wit) has been a devastating force for United with goals, assists and simple, no-nonsense computer-game-style wing play. His success is a victory for simple common sense. Get it, get half a yard, cross the thing. If there is someone in a better position than you – pass them the fucking ball. Can you imagine if you transferred Valencia’s and Nani’s brains into each other’s crania? We’d have a better player than Messi, yes, but the other bloke would play like Charles ‘Charlie’ Charles.
    Memorable Moment – Goals and man of the match performances sprinkled the spring months but the Blackburn goal, and the explosion of joy it heralded, was one of the season’s great moments. Pity it meant fuck all in the end.”

    Three page end of season report by ManUtd reserves, the man who goes to every match. He looks at every reserve and youth player.

    The professional view. James Scowcroft looks at United’s full-back situation and how it needs to change.

    Rio Ferdinand talks exclusively to UWS about Twitter, his partnership with Jonny Evans and how he and United have changed in his ten years at the club.

    Joyce Woolridge looks back at how the United of 2012 compare with the club at the start of the Premier League 20 years ago.

    Mike Duff on part two his murders in Manchester series. He looks at the Beast of Manchester, who is still inside.

    The Story So Far. Swansea and Sunderland. Blacky keeps it to a page.

    When the dream becomes a nightmare. Louis Saha talks in depth about his despair in Moscow 2008. Here’s part of it: “I call my wife who is staying at another hotel in the Russian capital. I want to hear her comforting voice and ask her advice even though I already know full well what I’m going to say to the coach. She senses straightaway that it’s not good news and I’m close to losing the plot. Someone who is normally calm and relaxed, I can’t hold it together. I feel a knot twisting in the depths of my stomach. I am tense and pessimistic. I speak fast and loud. I can’t breathe properly. How did I get into this situation? If it’s not my knee it’s something else. Unbelievable. Black magic crosses my mind. This is too much! Who’s wishing this harm upon me? Who is playing with a voodoo doll of me? I have never wanted anything but the best for people. I don’t understand anything anymore. I’ve had enough of bad luck.”

    Watching United lose the league. Andy Mitten sees his head get messed up a French pub on that Sunday.

    Twitter Reds. We ask a perfect XI of Reds off Twitter the same questions about the current state of United. ROM is frustrated that: “We're bringing in an insane amount of money but not spending it properly. I love to see young players (on smaller salaries) brought in to develop but our midfield situation is beyond a joke now, with the likes of Mata, Silva, Yaya Toure, Van der Vaart etc. going to other Premier League clubs, despite the fact we easily could have signed them if we had been competitive with what we offered to pay them. Special players are on special money.”

    A interview with Sir Alex Ferguson by the French writer Phillipe Auclair. Decent.

    Season In Brief. Fraudulent goes back to his ticket stub draw and decides he’ll write about 1988-89, when United average 36,487 and the VHS of the season promised “67 great goals”, many of which were not great at all.

    Harry Gregg’s testimonial. Several of you were in Belfast. One, who remembers Gregg play, writes about it.

    Transmission – an interview with Gary Whelan from The Happy Mondays. He’s a red.

    Getting Away With It. Fubar on all things red.
    “I’ve congratulated every blue I know,” he writes. “I’ve never once had a blue congratulate me on any of the 12 titles in the past 19 years. Now we have an insight into how Bayern fans suffered in Barcelona in 1999 – and just as the Bavarians were European champions within two years, United will be back.”

    We’re taking a chance publishing this one as we have no games to sell the mag at. We’ve incurred a bigger than usual print bill to by making it our biggest ever issue with eight pages of colour. Please support our efforts and buy the mag.
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