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  • UWS 2016 summer special

    The summer special of United We Stand is out on Wednesday 15th June. It’s a bumper 56 page issue - our biggest yet. We've paid an extra £400 for another four pages of colour, too. They feature pictures of loads of reds at Wembley.

    Here's the cover.

    Subscribers will receive the issue as normal.

    The mag will be on sale in all the usual newsagents around the UK and Ireland (that includes 90% of them in Manchester) from June 16th. Or, you can order a printed or subscription here, ranging from a single digital issue to ten issues. It will also be on sale at Rooney's testimonial in August, priced £3.50. We can sell it cheaper at the ground because of lower distribution costs.

    United We Stand is a Manchester United fanzine. Influential, incisive, irreverent and proudly independent, UWS tells it like it is. You might not always agree with the opinions within, but you’ll take note.

    If you only want to order the printed summer issue, details are at the bottom. They’ll be posted on Sunday from Manchester.

    Anyway, here’s a peek at what’s inside.

    Technique – the ultimate end of season report on every player from the first to the youth team.

    Here's an example.

    Juan Mata
    Two things stand out in my memory from our ill-fated trip to Stamford Bridge to watch United in an FA cup quarter final replay at Easter in 2013. First was that it was the only away trip I’ve ever been on, still hungover from the last away trip which happened less than two days earlier at Sunderland. Secondly was how good Juan Mata was that day for Chelsea. United never got near him and I spent the journey home thinking how good it would be if United signed him. So you can imagine my joy when we did. It just hasn’t really worked out as we’d hoped though has it? His stats aren’t to be grumbled at. The one thing I hate most about football is how ‘assists’ are suddenly a thing. Three years ago no-one mentioned them. Now Arsenal fans want trophies awarded for them. So I’m not proud of myself for reciting the following fact.
    Since coming to England, only David Silva has more Premier League ‘assists’ than Juan Mata. Combine that with 26 goals in two and a half seasons at United and even more for Chelsea and you’ve got one hell of a player on your hands, surely? It seems not in the eyes of some. Sadly his talents are probably better suited to a technical superior league such as the one he hails from where his sublime touch and quick thinking would be more of an asset. Instead he plays in one where all that seems to matter is brute strength and lightning pace. Both of which he’s somewhat lacking in. He’s generally well thought of by United fans but it seems to be more because he’s such a lovely man rather than anything he’s done on the pitch.
    And if instead of buying records in town and taking nice pictures of the Northern Quarter, he decided to grow a big curly afro and throw his elbows about, he might not get away with going missing in games quite so much with fans as he has. I’m a big fan of Mata and I’ll be gutted if he leaves. I think that with a decent manager who plays him in the right position in a side that isn’t so pedestrian that space to play football is nigh on impossible, then we might see the best of him. Sadly for Juan, the decent manager we have just acquired didn’t fancy him much at Chelsea and isn’t likely to have changed his mind since. His biggest problem has been that like Rooney and Fellaini, he can only really play one position. And it’s the same one for all three of them, just behind a striker. Whilst Rooney is at United, Mata was never likely to shine and it’s likely we’ll be saying adios to our likeable number 8. Thanks for the balloon at Wembley in May but it seems you’re just too lovely for England, Juan.
    Memorable moment of the season - A late FA cup final equaliser for United on the way to winning the cup.
    Rating 7/10 Apps 54 Goals 10

    What else? Well, loads from our regular writers like Jim White, Ramon, Keith Dewhusrt, James Scowcroft, Fraudulent, TV Gunnar Solskjaer, Andy Mitten, Mad Cyril, Steve A, Meatbag, Neil Meehan, Dweeds, Pete Molyneux, Steve Black, Luke Morris, Joyce Woolridge, ManUtd Reserves, Matt Ford, Fraudulent, Ian Bland et al.

    We’ve got the well sourced gossip of Guttersnipe, loads on Mourinho, a piece about getting into the Stade de France which is so funny we'll refund your money with magic beans if you don't laugh. And a quiz which is so hard that you'll be magic if you get all of them correct.

    We also have exclusive interviews with Wayne Rooney, musicians other than Rooney and piece on going on United's 1975 pre-season tour to Denmark.

    The summer signings United will make in the close season will be detailed with the date they'll sign and the exact transfer fee.

    You know the score with our summer issues anyway.

    If you don't want to subscribe for 10 issues, don't want a digital sub, won't be at Old Trafford for the pre-season friendly or live close to a newsagent which usually stocks UWS, we'll be happy to post you a copy of the summer special as soon as we get it from the printers on Tues 14th June. You can pay by paypal here.

    For delivery to the UK (£3.50 plus £1 p&p)

    For delivery to Republic of Ireland/Europe (£3.50 plus £2 p&p)

    For delivery to the Rest of the World (£3.50 plus £3 p&p)

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    Think that rating for Mata is a bit generous considering he's a 37m creative player and it was our least creative season ever.

    How many decimal places will the transfer fees be to?