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    United We Stand 213

    UWS 213 hits the streets before the Bolton game on Saturday.

    Here’s what’s included within the 44 pages.

    Guttersnipe. Which United player wasn’t allowed in the United Christmas do? There’s more on Ravel Morrison and a tasty friendly game in the summer.

    An extract from the excellent ‘When You Put On A Red Shirt’ by Keith Dewhurst. Keith was a United reporter in the 50s and travelled home and away with the team. Here, he gives us a real inside view about being the team the week before the 1958 FA Cup final in Blackpool – just months after Munich.

    James Scowcroft on Michael Carrick and Roy Keane. Scowy talks about why it’s important to leave a club on good terms, even if you are angry. Or owed £150,000 like he was.

    Jim White on beating city away and the return of Scholes.

    Joe Ganley on David de Gea.

    Steve Armstrong on the players not applauding the visiting fans at Newcastle.

    We interview a Dutch lad who goes to both Ajax and United matches.

    AndersRed on why United don’t want to spend money.

    Joyce Woolridge ploughs through yet another lengthy FA disciplinary hearing report (Suarez and Evra) so you don’t have to.

    FUBAR on Scholes and Lindegaard.

    The return of Transmission, the UWS music page looking at local bands. And Coldplay.

    Mike Duff visits Manchester General Cemetery.

    A Season in Brief looks at ‘04-05.

    Ian Bland manages 864 words without saying ‘city’ or ‘Glazer’.

    Allyn Thomas on the Europa League.

    Plus all the regulars like the Editorial, Ian Hough, letters, great pictures, Reserves and Youth, the Story So Far, Ask The Anorak, Meatbag Manifesto, Mad Cyril and Board Stupid.

    To subscribe for the next ten issues, click here

    Copies will be mailed from Manchester on Saturday.