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  • UWS 251 Summer Special.

    The summer special of United We Stand is out on Sunday 14th June. It’s a bumper 52 page issue and we’ve held the price for an eighth successive year.

    The mag will be on sale at the Legends game on Sunday, in all the usual newsagents around the UK and Ireland (that includes 90% of them in Manchester) from June 17th. Or, you can order a printed or subscription here, ranging from a single digital issue to ten issues.

    If you only want to order the printed summer issue, details are at the bottom. They’ll be posted on Sunday from Manchester.

    Anyway, here’s a peek at what’s inside.

    Technique – the ultimate end of season report on every player from the first to the youth team. Oh, and the manager, which is here as an example:

    Louis van Gaal
    I love him. He’s nuts and he doesn’t give a fuck. His raving on an open top bus at Amsterdam’s gay pride festival, his foghorn rendition of ‘Louis Van Gaal’s Red Army’ outside OT, his broken English... Most of all though, it’s his complete and utter honesty about everything that marks him out as so likeable. He doesn’t play games because he doesn’t need to – he’s Louis Van fucking Gaal. The club fits him and he fits the club. He needed a big stage and we needed a big personality. Like Cantona.
    Van Gaal has brought hope. Lots of comparisons have been made to the points accrued at various points in comparison with the previous season, but the two have never been comparable. With Van Gaal’s United, something is stirring. We may lose games stupidly but it’s not out of complete fear. There is a conviction. The play may be laboured at times but you still get the feeling that he’s a man who knows what he’s doing. He inspires trust and exudes confidence, pretty much the opposite of the man before him. All of that may be an illusion but surely that’s half the battle – making people think that you’re something even if you’re not. Ferguson was a master at it. How else can the same squad who finished seventh in 2013-14 have been champions the previous year?
    Another major difference has been big wins in big games. Arsenal at the Emirates, Liverpool twice and city on a wonderful day in April were all vanquished. We only managed a point against the eventual champions but at no point looked an inferior side. These games were train wrecks to be viewed through your fingers under Moyes. It was the dropped points against Swansea, Burnley, Leicester and Sunderland early on when we were still scratching around for form and philosophy, and then late season losses to Everton and WBA when the season was more or less over that cost us. And that’s a shorter gap to bridge.
    Van Gaal is a loon, which I like. He takes no shit, which I like. He’s inspirational, not cowardly. Although you could not measure United’s season as a success, you can see that we have a successful manager. And the club will be successful again in his hands.

    Memorable moment – When, after a year of staring at his very, very bizarre head, I finally worked out what he looks like. He looks like he’s had his photograph taken whilst hanging upside down from a butcher’s hook, like a prized boar, and then the photograph has been turned around to face the right way, thus giving the impression that gravity is actually pulling everything upwards rather than downwards. I can finally relax.

    What else? Well, loads from our regular writers like Jim White, Ramon, James Scowcroft, Fraudulent, TV Gunnar Solskjaer, Andy Mitten, Mad Cyril, Steve A, Meatbag, Neil Meehan, Dweeds, Pete Molyneux, Steve Black, Luke Morris, Joyce Woolridge, ManUtd Reserves, Ian Bland et al.

    Like a piece on Ander Herrera or an in-depth investigate on United’s Academy and the problems with youth football.

    We’ve got the well sourced gossip of Guttersnipe, the Icelandic Reds, a piece on a lad doing his UEFA A licence with a former United coach and loads more, from a round up of Twitter to a trip to Turin.

    We also have exclusive interviews with Brian McClair and Scot McGarvey.

    You know the score with our summer issues anyway.

    If you don't want to subscribe for 10 issues, don't want a digital sub, won't be at Old Trafford for the pre-season friendly or live close to a newsagent which usually stocks UWS, we'll be happy to post you a copy of the summer special as soon as we get it from the printers on Saturday 7th June. You can pay by paypal here.

    For delivery to the UK (£3 plus £1 p&p)

    For delivery to Republic of Ireland/Europe (£3 plus £2 p&p)

    For delivery to the Rest of the World (£3 plus £3 p&p)

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    Just ordered mine. Look forward to reading.


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      Ordered earlier, this will be my first!


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        Good summary on LVG.


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          Had digital sub last year have ordered print for this year looking forward to it


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            Just ordered two


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              Nice work on the front cover. Really nice words on the Trainer/Coach


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                Just so you know its comes up as 'UWS 2013 Summer Issue' on PayPal


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                  Originally posted by Wella88
                  Just so you know its comes up as 'UWS 2013 Summer Issue' on PayPal
                  yes, don't worry about that. you'll get the 2015 version!


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                    Originally posted by Andy
                    yes, don't worry about that. you'll get the 2015 version!
                    Not sure I could handle reading about David Moyes and his 6 year contract again


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                      Good read. TV Gunnar Solskjaer needs to nip football writing in the bud though.