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    Uws 247

    We're about to send issue 247 of United We Stand to the printers. It's out against Burnley at Old Trafford and we'll be posting the subscriptions out from Manchester on Wed. To subscribe to a printed or digital issue, click here.

    As well as all the regular features like Guttersnipe where we guarantee you'll learn things you didn't know about MUFC, plus pieces from writers like Jim White and James Scowcroft in 44 pages, the mag includes the following.

    An exclusive and in-depth interview with former first team coach Rene Muelensteen where he talks candidly about his time at United on issues such as Paul Pogba, Rome, Wembley and player recruitment.

    A two page interview with Preston North End fan (and former international footballer) Kevin Kilbane where he talks all things PNE ahead of the FA Cup tie.

    Memories from the Four Seasons. A red on working at the hotel in the 90s when all the United players used to socialise there.

    An article from a Fallowfield Red who blagged a job at MUTV and ended up interviewing all the players and staying for years...aswell as being put in prison in Milan when United played Inter.

    A travel piece on a trip to Spurs in 1972.

    Features on Red Issue, United's new signing from the man who used to coach him, The Manchester Pusher and Women at Football - from a lady who goes to football every week. She writes: "Some of us who’ve got ‘it’ like to flaunt ‘it’, and sadly for the more aesthetically pleased among you, those who don’t have ‘it’ do to, some of us like and have casual sex disastrous though it may be on occasion; yep, we’ve all been there. And some of us really, really love the traditional male bastion that is football."

    And brilliant columnists like the rather well known writer who uses the name TV Gunnar Solskjaer. On the coverage of the Cambridge home game he writes:

    2. Paddy McNair
    It’s a sign of United’s limitations (against a team who had recently
    drawn at home to Dagenham & Redbridge) that the Man of the Match by a mile was Paddy McNair – a player who doesn’t even have a face on FIFA2015. His pass for the first goal was worthy of Glenda Hoddle, so good he threaded it through the referee.
    As for his performance at right back, was it better than Valencia and
    Rafael put together ? Ditto Jones and Smalling ? He’s the Northern
    Irish Cafu: Dani McNair.

    "Memories from the Four Seasons. A red on working at the hotel in the 90s when all the United players used to socialise there..."

    Really looking forward to seeing that one. I heard some rum stories from that gaff at the time about United players and a few City players too