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    United We Stand 212 is currently at the printers.

    It will be ready on Sunday and will hit the mean streets of Shepherd’s Bush. Subscription copies will be posted Saturday and it will be on sale at Craven Cottage and Old Trafford for the Wigan and Blackburn games.

    The 44 pages include:

    Teddy Sheringham, exclusive to UWS, talks us through the 26th May 1999. Here’s a bit of the two page article.

    “So I was thinking to myself: ‘fucking hell, I’ve done well here, I’ve got a chance of starting in the Champions League final.’ And I started to dream. I was rooming with Giggsy and I’d said to him: ‘Imagine scoring the winning goal in the European Cup final, imagine scoring in the last minute?’ He reminded me about that a few days later.”

    Want to know why United are changing the dressing rooms at OT? Or which player, a recent man of the match against United, was offered to the club 18 months ago?

    Basel away.
    Most of us went, Steve Armstrong wrote about it.

    AndersRed examines city’s finances.

    ManUtd reserves on recent goings Man United’s reserves.

    Mike Duff has a few more pints and visits another Mancunian cemetery.

    James Scowcroft on meeting his old opponent Paul Scholes in the Old Trafford press box recently and the game which followed against Scowy’s former club.

    January Sales. Joyce Woolridge, who is so clever that she ghosted Brian McClair’s book, looks at past January signings.

    An extract on a new book on Fergie.

    Jim White on United at the moment.

    “United went into the game with a 19 year old centre half playing in central midfield alongside a bloke twice his age. And while it might be applauded that United are an equal opportunity employer, the briefest glance at football history will tell you that the best central midfielders are those between the ages of 25 and 29: old enough to have learned the game, young enough still to be able to apply such lessons as they have picked up.”

    FUBAR on United at the moment.

    “The reaction from the wider United kingdom is what I hate about modern football, make that modern society; no perspective, just a constant craving for instant gratification and success. Twats on twitter rush to be the first to tell us the latest incidentals about United. ‘Ryan Giggs might be fit to play on Saturday’. I’ll find out when I turn up on Saturday if it’s alright with you, knobhead. Everyone is now an expert on European football, an amateur scout, and the official voice of Manchester United. There are now more ways than ever for know-nothings to set themselves up as something they’re not – clued up Reds.”

    Joe Ganley on whether United’s current team is up to scratch.

    Andrew Hush on United players seeing red for England.

    Venezuelan Reds.

    An INS column, to compliment last month’s OUT column.

    London, Paris, New York, Stockport. That’s Proper magazine.

    Season in Brief. Fraudulent gets his ticket stub collection out, has a wank and then writes about a season long ago.

    Irish player Kev Grogan on his time when he signed for United and meeting Fergie.

    Wigan. We speak to the editor of the excellent Wigan fanzine Mudhutter.
    "We are the turd that will not flush in many people’s eyes."

    Ian Hough talks about his early years growing up in Henley-on-Thames.

    And all the regulars like Ask The Anorak, K Stand Top Left, Letters, Mad Cyril, Full Quota, The Story So Far, How was it for you? and They Bleed Red, White & Black.

    To subscribe, click

    Deadline is Thursday 16th December. Remember we can send a personalised letter if it’s a Christmas present.
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