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Albiston scores at Anfield.

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  • Albiston scores at Anfield.

    From Arthur Albiston's chapter in We're The Famous Man Utd, talking about a Liverpool v MUFC league match.

    “A mate of the players called Arthur Jones was watching in the (Anfield) main stand. We’d got him tickets and he was having the banter with Liverpool fans, giving them all kinds of stick. He probably had a bit of back up, because he wouldn’t have done it by himself. He left the ground and got a load of stick. He said that grannies were abusing him. Just as he was about to leave feeling disconsolate, I scored. So he ran back down the steps going mad. He got out alive to tell the tale. The funny thing was, the lads enjoyed hearing that more than anything. You don’t fully appreciate what it’s like to be a fan when you play. You don’t understand the emotions that fans go through. People can talk to me about Cup Finals, but that game at Anfield is the one that people always bring up."

    And this, of course, was MT's most famous hour.