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    Summer UWS

    Screen shot 2013-05-24 at 14.32.08.jpgScreen shot 2013-05-24 at 14.32.08.jpg

    There are 56 pages, 12 more than usual, in the UWS summer special. We've held the price at £3 for the seventh consecutive season. And there's extra colour like here Screen shot 2013-05-28 at 10.11.23.jpg

    Eight of the pages - 8,000 words – are given over to Technique, Meatbag’s brilliant annual end of season report.

    Here's an example.
    Tom Cleverley – Nobody seems to be really prepared to commit one way or another on Cleverley. Is he Michael Carrick in the making or Darron Gibson in the making? Will he running United’s midfield in five years or will he be running away from a bull in Pamplona for a Bravo documentary with the lads? The truth is somewhere in between, i.e. he’ll be a four goals a season man for Sunderland saying things like ‘I never got a chance at United’. The truth is, he has been given a chance. He was a regular for half a season or more and hasn’t quite cut the mustard. He’s not been shit by any means, but you aren’t hoping that United sign a new central midfielder to play alongside Carrick for no reason, are you? Maybe I’m being a bit harsh but surely anyone who has a face like a bulldog in a centrifuge must be docked points on that basis alone?


    Memorable Moment – Two beautifully struck goals against West Ham and Sunderland and an over-hit cross against Newcastle in what was probably his best display.

    We also have another detailed report on all the reserve and youth team players and how they’ve done this season.

    There’s loads of inside stuff about United which you won’t know in a three page Guttersnipe special, like the big United player who was seen laughing and joking wearing the strip of another team at a recent party.

    And there are stories about Sir Alex Ferguson which you will have never heard or read before, stories from readers who have never publicized them. Until now.

    Excellent Everton writer Mark O’Brien tells us about David Moyes. Stuff like this: “At the end of that first campaign, assistant kit man Tony Sage asked Moyes, who had only been in charge for nine games, to join the staff for a drink in the nearby Walton Taxi Club. When he walked through the door it apparently took a moment before people registered his presence but then, in a scene reminiscent of Robin Williams’s farewell at the end of Dead Poets’ Society, everyone in the bar stood and applauded.”

    The Tampa Reds are featured, while UWS fave House of Style makes a rare appearance with a column and there’s an obituary to Brian Greenhoff.

    All our regular writers feature – Jim White, BH, Stve Armstrong, Andy Mitten, Mad Cyril, Fubar, Ian Hough, Ramon, James Scowcroft, Ian Bland and Joe Ganley.

    And all our regular features – Ask The Anorak, Manchester Murders, The Story So Far, Season in Brief, Style Council, They Bleed Red, White & Black and Transmission.

    We’ve also arranged for more newsagents than usual stocking the summer special.

    Or, you can order a single issue by clicking on here

    Or a subscription to the print or digital issue here
    United We Stand is a Manchester United fanzine. Influential, incisive, irreverent and proudly independent, UWS tells it like it is. You might not always agree with the opinions within, but you’ll take note.

    All digital/print subscribers will get the summer issue as part of their sub.