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    Uws 227

    Screen shot 2013-03-25 at 11.20.04.jpg

    We’ve been grafting our nuts off for the latest issue of UWS, which is currently at the printers and will go on sale before the derby.

    Here’s a taster of what’s inside.

    We spent a day with Febian Brandy, who went from having Barcelona on the phone to sleeping on a sofa. He’s got a fascinating story to tell over three pages. We could have placed it anywhere; we’ve saved it for UWS.

    Pete Bolton is the man in They Bleed Red, White and Black. The taxi driver from Timperley hasn’t missed a game at Old Trafford since 1974. That’s 1,100 consecutive home games.

    The Guttersnipe. If we don’t tell you six things you didn’t know about Manchester United then we’ve failed to do Guttersnipe well.

    Mike Duff’s Manchester murders looks at the case of a one-eyed night-watchman found battered to death in Wythenshawe.

    Daily Telegraph journalist Henry Winter is interviewed.

    Book reviews: efforts by Jonathan Wilson and Sam Pilger.

    Music photographer Kevin Cummins is in ‘We’ll Meet Again’. He’s a blue who saw his team win the league in 1968 and then again 44 (FORTY FOUR) years later. He went to all 38 MCFC league games last season.

    Meatbag experiments with LSD and a chocolate éclair from Gregg’s before writing his latest column about trying to smuggle a one-foot space cake into J Stand.

    Ask the anorak fields questions about what a United reserve player had for tea 30 years ago.

    The Kiwi Reds tell us about supporting United in New Zealand.

    Transmission interviews United supporting DJ/producer XXXY.

    Jared Browne, author of the Eamon Dunphy biography, looks at Fergie’s departure.

    Reserves and youth covers the United’s junior matches from the last month and highlights a cracking winger. Unfortunately, he plays for Crystal Palace.

    Ian Hough advances his plan on former United players to breed with female athletes to produce future stars.

    Jim White writes about Rio Ferdinand. Well.

    Ian Bland isn't.

    A Season In Brief looks 1961-62, which was the season the writer Fraudulent’s first went home and away.

    James Scowcroft looks at Rooney being played out of position. He knows what it’s like; he’s been there and left one Premier League club for another because of it.

    Fubar looks at United after the defeat at Stamford Bridge.

    The Story So Far – we were at every game, armed with a camera and a cynical voice waiting to get out of our head and only a shining piece of paper.

    Steve Armstrong doesn’t like United players turning out for England. He explains why.

    Style Council looks at clothes. Sometimes.

    Joe Ganley investigates doping in football. As someone who was found taking EPO on his school bus, he knows what he’s talking about.

    Martin Hall watches a match with the New York Reds. He also writes about M*A*S*H

    There’s more, there always is. The editorial, Mad Cyril, Remo's letters and stuff like that. If our hundreds of hours effort are not worth £2 from one of our sellers outside the ground then we might as well call it a day. It’s £2.50 in the usual newsagents or you can subscribe for a print or digital edition by clicking here
    We're sending the printed copies out on Saturday from Manchester.

    Thanks to the thousands of you who continue to support what we do. We've been at it 24 years this year and it remains both a pleasure - and a chore when the deadline means you don't have an Easter.

    In the Henry winter interview do you ask him if he really hates Shaun Custis? Cos it looks like he does on that Sunday supplement


      Must not be a Full Quota this month...


        When I used to see Brandy playing for the youth team I was sure he'd make it. I think I asked you on here what happened to him. Will read that interview with interest.
        We might have trouble getting together 100 men to fight, but certainly not a list of 100 men that could be titled ShitHouses