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    We’re looking for a United writer to do a 500 word (or more) column for every two weeks. Our other online columnist – Meatbag - does one on alternative weeks, as well as writing his monthly article in the printed UWS. That's the one which you can now download in a non printed format through a 'notebook' or 'tablet' which look nothing like the notebooks and tablets we grew up with.

    The ideal person should be a UWS reader who goes to the majority of Manchester United games, home and away.

    There should be a topical United theme running through each article, but aside from that you can write about what you like. We’re looking for sharp, witty and original writing from someone who is reliable.

    We can pay you some beer money too.

    Interested? Send us an example of your work to [email protected]

    Include your real name, though we don’t mind if you use a pseudonym on any work we publish. Like Meatbag. He has to use that name because he's actually Mike Phelan.

    Then we’ll choose our favourites and let our website regulars have some input into who they’d like to read more of.