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    United We Stand 222 hits the streets on Saturday. Here’s what’s inside.

    Cantona. Weve got loads of quality memories on the Frenchman, from people who knew him or worked with him, to people who saw his magic on a football field.

    Gutternsipe – future commercial tie-ups, Sir Alex’s 26th do, what one Utd defender thinks of Zlatan, Fergie’s successor, Platini and Qatar, Utd asking for proof of age at the turnstiles, Cleverley, Utd’s web operation and more.

    We’ll Meet Again. City fan Paris Angel tells it how it is from the blue side ahead of the derby.

    Full Quota – the best United quotes from the last month.

    Letters. Some readers are angry, some are happy.

    They Bleed, Red, White & Black. On a red who drove to Barcelona in 1999. And broke down in Spain.

    Jim White on the Unitd end at Chelsea and debatable decisions.

    Meatbag – what happens when you take LSD and then try and write and article.

    James Scowcroft. The red and former pro analyses Utd’s recent tactics.

    Obituary. Nigel Barrett.

    Braga. Drinking in the Portuguese rain. And helping one bar climb out of the recession.

    Transmission. UWS’s music page.

    Patience. One of our best new writers on why fans have no patience these days. And how Chicharito goes home after matches and listens to Joy Division, Radiohead and Nick Drake. Alone. In a room painted black.

    Style Council. Fashion and football. This month: winter coats.

    Ran – a voucher with a 15% discount for all readers to town’s best trainer emporium.

    Getting Away With It. FUBAR on Aston Villa fans, the Fergie statue and United’s goals.

    K Stand Top left. That’s the bit next to the ever dwindling number of away fans. He writes about what he hears.

    Ask The Anorak. Our anorak answers your United questions on Bobby Charlton’s goalscoring record, Newton Heath and the recently departed Reds Connelly and McShane.

    Story So Far. We’ve been at every game home and away and in Europe. Here’s the fans’ eye view. And from the reserve and youth games too.

    Manchester Murders on the missing shirt murder in Cheetham Hill.

    A Season In Brief. Fraudulent looks back at 2001/02.

    Ian Hough on Jack Duckworth, Martin Hall on Aaron Sorkin and Mad Cyril on Utd switching formations.

    Paris St Germain. A red living in Paris goes to a match and reports back on the fan culture.

    All 44 pages for two notes outside the ground. You can subscribe to get either a print or digital copy here.

    United We Stand is a Manchester United fanzine. Influential, incisive, irreverent and proudly independent, UWS tells it like it is. You might not always agree with the opinions within, but you’ll take note.

    Don’t forget to download our free app on iTunes too so that you can read the mag on your phone, desktop or tablet.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i get mentioned before mothman again....little fish are sweet....take that the moth....


      Originally posted by Bernard_Mannings_Ghost View Post
      YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS i get mentioned before mothman again....little fish are sweet....take that the moth....
      I enjoy the Manchester Murders, but let's face it, you are literally acting as a typist. Just repeating the dry facts, no creativity or anything. It's ok.


        that is very true ian.....when i wrote 'the graveyards of manchester'...i told the earl my aim was to leave guille and craft out of them and present the barren facts of the story of the people in the grave...and the same with the murders....i feel that some stories stand up in their own right without me twisting them to a poetic slant or loaded light....i like the reader to make his/her mind up whether the story is interesting enough to want to read.....i do try to give incites into the areas where the people live and the times....and the nature of the law in relation to their crime......strange and to the earls credit that a football fanzine prints these....i should imagine eight out of ten readers move right on.....and no problems with that....